Why is Silk the Best Fabric for Pillowcases?

Why is Silk the Best Fabric for Pillowcases?

Why is Silk the Best Fabric for Pillowcases

Quality silk pillowcases keep your skin and hair hydrated and provide a smooth, soft and hygienic surface to sleep on. 

The reason that silk pillowcases are becoming so popular and are one of the hottest trends right now is that they allow for beauty sleeping by their excessive comfort and gentle touch to your skin and hair.

What is the Problem with Cotton Pillowcases? 


Ordinary cotton pillowcases absorb moisture from your face and dry it. Drying or dehydration is one of the main causes of wrinkles. One of the most basic tips of dermatologists against wrinkles is to drink more water, not just liquids, but water. While cotton is a wonderful material for shirts and blouses, just because it absorbs sweat and does not heat too much, this is the main reason it is not suitable for pillowcases.

Another downside of cotton pillowcases is that they are relatively rough and they “grind” or “grate” your hair and skin.  As you sleep and move your head your skin and your hair gets rubbed with a grating motion into the cotton threads. Cotton will not kill you, but it is just not the best fabric for beauty sleeping.

At the same time, too much moist heat is not beneficial for your face. Such an excessive heat is caused by polyester pillow cases. Be it cotton-like polyester or polyester silk.

Why is Natural Mulberry Silk Better?

Mulberry silk keeps your skin hydrated and provides  a smooth surface to sleep on. It solves both problems and allows for beauty sleeping. First, it does not absorb excess moisture from your face and hair. Secondly, it is very smooth and friction with your hair and face is reduced to a minimum.

Choose a royal 22 mm silk pillowcase now. 

But not all silk pillowcases are created equal. It is important for the pillowcase to have a higher density for a complete feeling of softness. Meanwhile it also shouldn’t be too dense, as this would make it too stiff.

Why is Silk the Best Fabric for Pillowcases 2

Our silk pillowcases are of a 22 momme density. An optimal value for softness and quality of a silk pillowcase. It is very possible that such a high density will diminish the amount of dust mites in your pillow case. Some of the last research shows that tightly woven fabrics diminishes the amount of mites. Less denser fabrics provide more living space for mites. And the reverse is true. In a tighter weave there is less “living space” for the mites.

Exactly because of the diminished space for living, it is generally expected that silk pillowcases diminish acne breakouts. Because they are more hygiene they should reduce such face infections, though there is no definitive answer to this question.

Another positive of silk is that it repels bed bugs. We hope that nobody has to deal with bed bugs, but the observations of people show that they are not attracted to silk and on the contrary they avoid it.

Take care of your skin and choose a designer silk pillowcase. 

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