Revolutionary Blood – satin square scarf 87x87cm/(34×34”)


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6.12 EUR

Note: Depending on your size you might need 1 or 2 scarves in order to wear it as a top.

Rebellious blood flows in me. I live by my own rules in my universe. – The big figures are called CURLY STARS – They did not fall from heaven, disobedient women from dark ages created them and let them glow forever with immortal passion and energy.

The inspiration for this design came from Kotel women of marvelous and unruly character. One was such a manly tomboy that they called her Bachelor Nonyuvitsa. Another, named Kera Istikera, was a relative of the revolutionary Rakovski. Imagine this 18th Century woman with a cigar in that era of female obedience and you get the story.  Jeka Andonova on the other hand had such a phenomenal memory that any boy would envy her capabilities.

Stock: Available

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