Curly Stars – Designer Polar Fleece Blanket

Curly Stars – Designer Polar Fleece Blanket


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Curly stars didn’t fall from heaven, it was women of character that brought them to life. They pertained to the breed of weavers from the town of Kotel. One was so energetic and with such a powerful personality that they called here BACHELOR Nonyuvitsa. There was also Old Kera the Istikera, who was a relative of Rakovski, the revolutionary. She was always seeking for perfection, like us at B. Version, that she gained the nickname Istikera (someone who likes the perfected, the beautiful). Jeka Andonova, on the other hand, was illiterate but very skillful and sharp. She sees an unfamiliar rug, and by the time you turn around she will weave for you the same without looking at the first pattern ever more. With deep reverence to their contributions, we continued there tradition in the design of this blanket.

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  • Free delivery
  • 1oo% Polyester light weight blanket.
  • Hand operated digital print.
  • Made in Bulgaria.
  • Charged with sparkles of love.
  • Size: 57x77inch/145x195cm

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