Generous Creator – 22 mm Silk Pillowcase

Generous Creator – 22 mm Silk Pillowcase

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You are a creator. A very loving and caring one. You are focused on the ideas and final goals.  Just don’t forget that you should also give love to yourself, before you can give love to others.

Generous Creator - 22 mm Silk Pillowcase 2

Generous Creator - 22 mm Silk Pillowcase 3

Angel (“kanatitsa”) it reminds how caring you are. The many wings are associated with productivity and fertility. The rhomboids inside are your “babies” and creations.

Generous Creator - 22 mm Silk Pillowcase 4

This is another ancient symbol of fertility called a frog, but is actually thought to be a stylized figure of the mother goddess with a child in her womb.



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Designer Queen size pillowcase (33×21.5 inches or 83.5×54.5 cm) for sleeping from 100 % mulberry silk satin 22 mm

Silk is the favorite pillowcase material of all Hollywood celebrities. The smooth surface helps against wrinkles and keeps the moisture in your skin and hair. Again, because of the smooth surface it doesn’t mess up your hairstyle during your sleep.

B. Version uses high-quality silk with an optimal density (exactly 22 mm) for a soft and breeze feeling. The result is a high comfort standard unlike cheaper and less dense pillowcases.


Made with love in Bulgaria. Our silk pillowcases are sewn in Bulgaria from high quality imported fabrics and threads.

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