Orange Inspirations ….

Orange Inspirations ….

Orange Inspirations 2

Because we felt like it, we decided to talk about orange inspirations.

What is left to say when something catches the eye and is beautiful?

This picture from Mexico resembles distantly the Bulgarian pattern “steps”, which comes form that ancient era when apparently all people shared a common culture and “w’all [were] one thin’”, said in the style of Bulgarian propheseeir Vanga. She said that living people and dead people – we are all one thing (сите сме едно).

But do you know what? If we are looking for an orange inspiration, there was and still is teacher at the Second German High School in Sofia. A historian. He would stand in front of us, the students, impressive and tall, with his white pony-tail hair, always dressed in black. He would put his hand in his bosom, he would look at the sky and he would start orating about some politician that ended up with a chopped off head:

“Stamboliiski will become so insolent that he will even print the national currency in orange. He will become so insolent that he will change the Bulgarian flags in front of the parliament with orange ones, he will paint the cars of the ministers in orange, he will make post-stamps orange, he will make orange the …”

He was talking about Alexander Stamboliiski, who was a prime minister of Bulgaria in 1920s and the chief of a party called BZNS (not business, but Bulgarian Agricultural National Union). The color of this party was orange. Now I understood they even had an Orange Guard that he wanted to replace the Army with!


One starts to wonder, whether the song “Orange is the sky, orange are the children, orange…” wasn’t based on a true story…


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