The Secrets of The KING

The Secrets of The KING

Russian Pop Star Kirkorov Speaks for B.Version

text and interview by Christopher-Joseph Ravnopolski-Dean

Unique, always astonishing and different is the Russian pop singer FILIPP KIRKOROV, who came for his tour in Bulgaria on the 8th of June in Sofia and immediately showed the public, why they call him the KING. With his show, directed by Franco Dragone (Cirque du Soleil), he elevated the audience to ecstasy. The legendary star, born in Varna, Bulgaria, sings around the globe and has a mind-blowing career.

There was barely a Bulgarian that did not soften from his words that he succeeded because “that is how Bulgarians are” and his personal confession that he is part of the Bulgarian Version of popular music, and that his fate is intricately tied to Bulgaria. And indeed, the audience was in wild enthusiasm and encore, after encore it did not want to leave. Some families were even torn by discord, as you will see later.

A month ago, short before the première of the show in Plovdiv, the star and polyglot Philipp Kirkorov joined me for a short interview in Bulgarian specially for B. Version. And afterwards… he stunned the audience on Plovdiv’s velodrome.

You can read the translated interview below or watch the interview with English subtitles.

It was a great pleasure for me to be on you concert, it was a great experience. People did not want to leave. One woman says to her husband, “I want to go home”, but he replies “NO”, he stays like a soldier on his place and does not want to leave, even when she starts beating him. [Grotesque of real story, intended to sound comic]. It was amazing and you shared that one of the secrets of your success is that you are Bulgarian, could you reveal some other secret of your success?

There are no secrets! Work, work, work. Thirty years of work. Luck. “Udacha” as we say in Russia, and a desire to surprise the audience every time when I go to the stage. On the big stage. To make the audience happy. To search for new songs. Sleepless nights, quest for new material.  Quest for new talented composers. And, although, how should I say… My journey began with Bulgarian songs, with Bulgarian authors. This set a successful career for me that started from the songs of Toncho Russev, from the songs, from the repertoire of the Riton duet, from the repertoire of Vasil Naidenov and from there on I set on a trip towards success for 30 years so far, at which I am currently.

The King in Plovdiv’s Colodrome, June 2019


But, how do you make decisions what to do? In the sense of what guides you? How do you decide if you will shot one clip or another clip, with which composer?

[He is looking around, as if he is looking for something and he is rubbing his fingers]

The Secrets of The KING 2

The passport of Kirkorov in one of his latest clips Mood Color Blue (His 19 according to it)


A sense… A sense for the time [Zeitgeist], sense for Music, I am in line with the music trends, I am looking at what the young generation is interested in, because… though we are getting older slowly and almost without notice [refers to a Toncho Russev song “We are getting older slowly”], but I believe this is information only for the customs office, in myself I feel like being 20 years old.

Bulgarian Kukeri on Kirkorov’s show


It can be seen! [Not only he does not look like 50 years old, but on stage he is energetic like a twenty years old and changes 10 and more costumes per show]

And I am simply not running after time, time is running after me.

Kirkorov in one of his many costumes, this time as a cardinal singing Maria-Magdalena in Sofia


Thank you very much! Maybe a last question: When you were for example in the seventh grade, could anyone predict what would happen with you and what did you think at that time?

I will tell you a secret, a “taina” [tey-nah] (Bulgarian for secret). When you want to achieve something in life, you need to believe in it SOOO much, that you don’t have any doubts that you will achieve it and overcome all obstacles. I was so sure, not in the seventh grade in school, but in the Music school, when I graduated from school I went to a music school, and I was so convinced that I will become a star, I left no doubt in anybody. And in the first place in myself. And I succeeded.  I did not doubt anything. Now I have more doubts in my life, because I have a great responsibility.  Each time when I go on stage: and even… it is not important whether it is Plovdiv, Sofia, Varna, New York, it is always an exam. Constantly an exam for the right to go on stage. And now I have more doubts. And maybe that is why now more often… sometimes things don’t work out in comparison to when I was young, without doubts, I even made mistakes, I thought they are for the right cause. And this is a secret.

Did mistakes help you? Do you learn from your mistakes?

I regarded mistakes as a… how do you call it… [He is showing the upper left hand side of his T-shirt as if holding a badge.]

A badge?

A badge… a valuable one… an expensive brooch for a bow tie or something, I put them like that (he is showing how he is adorning himself with them] I was turning mistakes into merits.

This was an amazing interview, thank you! This is exactly what I wanted to ask you, it is pleasure. Maybe as a final point, what is the most important thing for you in life?

Love. Love, love, love. The family, my kids, but everything is connected with love. And of course music, without Music I cannot live.


Thank you a lot! PHILIPP KIRKOROV!!!

Be healthy and enjoy the show in Plovdiv!

Thank you!

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