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Art Blankets

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If you are searching for art to brighten up your home, a good option to go for is functional art. Not a regular painting or sculpture, but art which can be used for more practical purposes.

B. Version’s designer blankets can both keep you warm and adorn your home. Either as a bed cover for most single beds, as a throw in your living room or as a soft and warm blanket for your reading chair. They bring in color and soul to your home and you will also have what to talk about – each of our blankets has a special story and unique inspiration, which you can explore in our blankets section.

Our collection of light blankets is made from a material, suitable for people allergic to wool. The very light polar fleece that we have used is hygienic, easy to dry and wash, has vibrant colors and “breathes well”.

Polar fleece is a material made of recycled plastic bottles and in our case it is additionally charged with sparkles of love…

You can explore the soul of each blanket and see its own story in our catalog of blankets. The new collection is inspired by the immortal beauty of long forgotten Bulgarian patterns.  We selected for you very rare designs and ideas and worked closely with the original tradition of each pattern to create designs which are both part of the tradition, but are also a new version of an old story.

Art Blankets 2Where to use it?

  • As a bed cover – For most single beds, our designs can be used as bed covers. The size of our blanket is about 57x77inch (145x195cm), so it could cover a whole bed which has these dimensions. You could still use it on larger beds by putting it in the middle and having the bed linen visible on left and right, thus creating a frame for the design.
  • As a throw in your living room – While you sit on your couch and you get cold. You can fold it neatly and place it in your living room – to bring both style and soul inside there.
  • As a soft and warm blanket for your reading chair.

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