The Craving Called “B. Version”

The Craving Called “B. Version”

THE CRAVING CALLED B. VERSIONB. Version is about action.

Being your own version of life, finding your unique characteristics and inspirations that shape you as a person.

Finding inspiration and living to that inspiration.

We want to inspire you by creating beauty that takes from the soul of the past and mixes it with the present. The ancient symbols that we use in our designs are your personal symbols, because you can decide what they mean for you and use them as a reminder for YOUR VERSION OF LIFE.

B. YOUR Version!

Our inspiration comes from fantasies about the the forgotten Bulgarian romance. We’re mesmerized by old words and stories and want to have them back in our lives.

Come with us, have a sip of wine or of the nectar of Gods and listen to stories like this:

Story of the World’s Most Beautiful Woman –

Dunya Guzeli. Don‘t you know about her?

The royal son entered the forbidden room and saw her portrait. He was so struck by her beauty that he fell to the ground as if he was dead. And when he asked to find her, his father said to him,

“Many kings wanted to take her and went to her fortress in the middle of the sea. But when she looked them in the eyes, they were burnt as if by a strong sun … They were scolded as if with boiling water… As if thunder had struck them …”

What do you think, will he be able to conquer the castle of her heart?


For us Bulgarian is synonymous with beauty and style, and our task is to reveal … at least a little … of this beauty.

B. Version is more than a brand, it is a longing. We long to find forgotten things and to give a new interpretation to the things we are used to. A new interpretation, but from a Bulgarian point of view. We all know how good Bulgarian yoghurt, rose oil and the Bulgarian nature are, but we do not realize how much more beauty and grace is connected with the Bulgarian.

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