6 Habits to Keep Wrinkles Away for As Long As Possible

6 Habits to Keep Wrinkles Away for As Long As Possible

6 Habits to Keep Wrinkles Away for As Long As Possible 2

Aging is controlled by two main factors – your genes and the environment you live in. While you can’t chose your genes, you can try to control your environment and your habits.

#1 Drink Enough Water

About 60% or more of our organism is composed of water. Because of multitasking and work, people often forget about water and think of it as an annoying obligation. But if you want to have a normally functioning organism at a bare minimum you should drink enough water. Drinking water will not automatically erase your wrinkles, but it will certainly help the skin be healthier, more hydrated and be less susceptible to wrinkles. In the temperate climate women need about 2.7 liters (91 oz.) of water daily, while men about 3.7 liters (125 oz.).

#2 Avoid Sun Exposure

Researchers have observed since the 19th century that sun exposure accelerates the aging of skin. Doctors in Germany and in France saw that people who worked in direct sunlight, such as sailors and agricultural workers were more likely to have skin issues, cancer and degeneration as compared to people who worked indoors. More recent research has focused on twins, because twins are born with identical genes and in equal conditions should be aging at the same speed. The plastic surgeon Dr. Antell reported higher wrinkle amount on the sibling that spent more time in the sun. He also warned that high-mountain and tropical excursions during the winter are dangerous for skin health, because they present a sudden change in the physiological rhythm of the skin. This is why he recommends using sun screen lotions.

#3 Don’t Smoke

Various studies have confirmed a link between skin aging and smoking. The interest in this topic was sparked by an observation that people who smoke look older than non-smokers. When combined with excessive sun exposure the effect compounds and skin aging gets faster. Research has also shown that air pollution has a similar effect on aging.

#4 Have A Sound Sleep

Similarly to drinking water, sleeping is essential to the normal functioning of your body. The less you sleep, the more stress you cause to your body and this unnecessary stress results in speeded up aging. It is not surprising that researchers have documented a connection between lack of sleep and wrinkles. Normal sleep is thought to be in the range of 7 to 9 hours, but it really depends on the person and on the quality of your sleep. Experts say that a nice idea for improving your sleep is to try going to bed and getting up in the morning at the same time each day in working days and in weekends. This could help improve your biological “sleeping clock” or circadian rhythm and thus the quality of your sleep.

#5 Sleep on the Back of Your Head

This is an important recommendation for people, who sleep on cotton pillowcases. Cotton pillowcases are a bad choice to put your face on, if you are fighting wrinkles. They absorb the moisture from your face and therefore make your skin drier and more susceptible to wrinkles. Additionally, at a microscopic level the uneven surface of cotton acts like a grinder or grate on your face. This solution is not the best, because it just transfers the problems to your hair. You don’t want to suck out moisture out of your hair either. But if you insist on a cotton pillowcase that is the best action to protect your face.

#6 Sleep on a Silk Pillowcase instead of a Cotton Pillowcase

Silk happens to be the beauty secret of celebrities and royals since ancient times. Silk has a smooth surface and you don’t get a “pillowcase face” when you sleep on it: no creases and folds on your skin.  Also it doesn’t absorb water from your face as cotton does. This means your face won’t dehydrate and is less likely to develop wrinkles. These two factors make it the best fabric for pillowcases. Additionally, because of the smooth surface your hair doesn’t get tangled up and you are less likely to get up with a messy hair from bed. At B. Version, we offer silk pillowcases of high quality and high density, which have all these benefits.

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